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bad Boyz Boogie

Bad Boyz Boogie Bad Boyz Boogie Album

BAD BOYZ BOOGIE, se forment en janvier 1995. Ils tournent et jouent intensément avec le même line-up pendant 10 ans. Cependant, à la fin 2004, le batteur original et le claviériste quittent pour poursuivre d'autres intérêts.
Les membres fondateurs, Deno Amodeo et Eric Beaulé, recrutent le chanteur puissant et "soulful" Guy Côté qui de temps à autres y va avec un solo d'harmonica, et le roi du groove, Joel Gagné à la batterie. Avec ce nouveau line-up dynamique, de nouvelles chansons dans le "set-list", de nouvelles chansons originales et un CD en production, BAD BOYZ BOOGIE sont énergisé et prêt à rocker plus que jamais!

Les musiciens ont accompagné plusieurs vedettes de la scène pop et rock québécoise, sur disques et en tournées. Le groupe a participé au Festival de Jazz de Montréal à deux reprises avec grand succès, de même que plusieurs autres événements et festivals Blues et Jazz.
Le blues-rock électrique des BAD BOYZ est puissant et épicé, il rappelle souvent Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top et Jimi Hendrix.

The band BAD BOYZ BOOGIE, was formed in January of 1995. They toured and played extensively with the same lineup for close to 10 years. However, at the end of 2004, The original drummer and the keyboardist went on to pursue other interests.

Founding members, Deno Amodeo and Eric Beaulé, then recruited powerful and soulful lead vocalist Guy Côté who once in a while will go into a harmonica solo, and groove king Joel Gagné on drums. With this new dynamic lineup, a revamped songlist, new originals and an up and coming CD in the works, BAD BOYZ BOOGIE is the most energized it has ever been, and ready to rock more than ever.

The musicians have also been sidemen to some of Quebec pop and rock stars, on records and on tour. The band has participated to the world-renowned International Montreal Jazz festival twice already with great success, as well as other Blues and Jazz events.

The BAD BOYZ's brand of electric blues/rock is powerful yet seasoned, and can sometimes remind one of the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top and Jimi Hendrix.


The Boyz

Deno Amodeo

Deno Amodéo – Guitar, vocals

Deno wrote several songs for Laurence Jalbert, such as "Rage", "Les yeux noirs" and especially the NUMBER ONE song, "ENCORE ET ENCORE" which earned him a Felix from l’ADISQ for song of the year in 1994. Deno also took part in several shows, tours and recordings with renowned artist such as Laurence Jalbert, Éric Lapointe, Michel Pagliaro, Walter Rossi and Marjo.

Éric Beaulé

Eric Beaulé – Bass, vocals

Eric was the bass player for the Canadian rock group Too Many Cooks from 1995 to 2000 and he also took part in the musical review British Invasion presented at the MONTREAL CASINO in 2001. He also played and recorded with several Quebec artists such as; Nancy Dumais, Francine Raymond, Nanette Workman, Lulu Hughes, Véronic Dicaire and Claude McKenzie.





Guy Côté

Guy Côté – Lead vocals, harmonica

When he was 12, Guy was already singing in front of crowds in bars where his father worked. In 1993, he met the musicians who were to become the members of his first working group, The Taz Band. They were experienced Musicians, with a repertoire of Blues, Rock and Funk. When Guy met Deno, Deno suggested that they write songs together. The chemistry was immediate. So when the possibility of joining BAD BOYZ BOOGIE came, the choice was obvious.

Joël Gagné

Joel Gagné – Drums

Joel comes from the Drum Corps, this musical activity has taught him to be a team player. He works presently at the École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal as a percussionist and teacher. He also plays and records with several other bands and artists such as; Richard Eusanio, Nation by Nation, Willy Ray, Carl Tremblay, Rib Steak Ron, Montreal Dixie, Wang Dang Doodle, Ian Kelly. Joel has also played drums for the successful theater productions; “L'homme de la Mancha” and “Les frères de sang”.

Henri Fortier Henri Fortier - Keyboards, saxophone